Писалося для Highload в березні 2021го року. Тут текст поданий мовою оригіналу.

Різнобічність — одна з визначних рис роботи програміста, адже займатися програмуванням можна не тільки “на роботі”, але й переслідуючи власні цілі — розваги, навчання, розвідки.

  • Зазвичай ці наміри здійснюються у вигляді різноманітних pet projects.
  • Водночас, така практика допомагає просуватися в професійній діяльності не зосереджуючись на одному контексті.

Але це загальновідомі факти.

  • Ось що потребує пояснення — пет проєкти є надзвичайно дієвим інструментом у пошуку роботи. І не тільки через свої очевидні ознаки.

У цій статті ми розповімо, як саме та що треба зробити, аби воно було так.

Який стосунок мають пет проєкти до пошуку роботи?


Today information is the most valuable thing in the world. Everybody wants some for their reasons.

When other things roll in and out of fashion and demand — the only thing of value that indeed remains constant is information.

  • That is what makes the wheel turning; that is what makes it all tick-tick-tick and Sha-la-la.

And there is no place where it is more apparent than in Ad Tech. But one can’t just take it and sit on it and thus benefit from its supreme radiance just because reasons are firmly in place.

The information on its own is worth…

In this day and age — information is the most valuable thing in the world. No wonder — it is the stuff dreams. They are made off — something of a new universal currency. However, one should know how to use it to make it work for his benefit. And there is no industry where this is more apparent than in the advertising industry and Ad Tech in particular, where competition is so tough one false move can derail everything. And that is where Data Management Platforms (DMP) come in and make and work some sweet Ad Tech Magic.


May 2018

Advertisements are something any user of the internet is accustomed to and unfortunately often disgusted by. It is easy to see why — ads are seemingly everywhere. They are virtually inescapable, often blatant and obnoxious, and presented in extreme quantities beyond any reason. That is the current state of things. Because of that AdBlock is a thing.

It didn’t happen overnight. The rise of Ad Blocking was a long and winding process that spurred from simple irritation. …

The modern Ad Tech industry is at the cutting edge of technological progress. It uses the most advanced data analysis methods and content delivery to present advertising content to the user in the most precise and effective manner.

Ad Tech is fascinating because of all the things it does to present the most accurate content to the user. All the algorithms are used to analyze user behavior, match it with the current ad inventory, and deliver the content. A lot is going on behind the scenes of the simple ads delivery operation.

What is Real-Time Bidding?

The real-time bidding approach was developed in the…


The world of digital advertisement is strange and confusing. All those buzzwords: ad remarketing vs. retargeting, data management platform, fraud detection, data segmentation, and so forth. Sometimes it seems like The Internet was made specifically for it.

  • On the one hand, ads are simply a means of promoting specific products and services — a reasonable solution for exposure.
  • But on the other hand, if you think about the mechanics behind delivering this or that ad to the customer — it gets really-really complicated.

In a way, it is fair to say that digital advertisements had evolved into a legitimate kind…

May 2018

There is always someone who thinks he is smarter than the others who want to extract an extra buck or two without breaking a sweat due to some elaborate sleight of hand shenanigans. Cue Ad Fraud. It is probably one of the most poignant examples of fraud in any industry.

As such, programmatic Ad Fraud is one of the biggest problems in the advertising industry, the one that gives it a bad rap. You know how it goes: if there is any form of money and multiple middlemen involved — expect something fishy to turn up.

According to…

April 2018

Ad Tech is one of those industries that is always in an active search for the next big technological breakthrough. The reasoning behind that is simple: new technologies open up further and better opportunities for doing more sufficient advertising business.

Considering how problematic are issues of privacy and transparency are in advertising, blockchain seems to be a reasonable technological solution with the most potential to make a positive impact.

You know an old saying, “When the future comes — embrace it!”.

At the moment, there is no technology more enigmatic and prospective than blockchain. Everyone has their own…

What are GDPR-friendly Behavioral Targeting solutions? What is it and where can it be advantageous, and how it can help your business?

In just a few months, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had managed to sweep over the ragged digital landscape riddled with questionable data mining hooks and make it a safer and cleaner place.

Whether it is an intimidating prospect of getting fined or natural predilection for avoiding trouble — GDPR made many companies in the advertising and ad tech industry reconsider their ways. …

What is Ad Tech? How does it work? Is it that good? What are the benefits of its use? An elaborate assorted collection of answers for these and other questions.

In this day and age, the Internet is the ultimate field of opportunities. Just think about it — everything is within a click or two. You can do practically anything. Naturally, you can make money on the web. You can make it out of any user’s move (because duh, why not?). …

Volodymyr Bilyk

Writer, translator.

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